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September 12, 2006



mm, that looks so good. I was reading about the Blind Tiger a bit recently and was debating going or not... you've just pushed me into the 'going' camp.


My friend and I mixed and matched the Grilled Cheese and Bloody Beast for lunch today. Outstanding. I miss the beer as much as the next person, but the Tiger remains excellent even as is. Please come support a great spot that's somehow retained it's soul even when the beer board lists nothing but soda.


Although I live in London, England, the original Blind Tiger location had been my regular "local" whenever I visited NYC (at least once each year) and had been ever since it first opened.

I was sadden to hear that the original location was to close, but looked forward to enjoying quality beers again at the new Bleeker Street location when I returned this summer.

Sadly, my trip this September was spoilt by the news that they have been refused a liquor license. I found out from a New York beer magazine, The Gotham Imbiber, that there was an online petition to support the granting of a new liquor license. I would like to suggest that anyone who ever drank at the original Blind Tiger sign this petition. What amazed me was how many overseas visitors had already signed the petition. The address is:

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