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November 24, 2005



You are so RIGHT??? They have turned what used to be a wonderful network of professional chefs, showing each step of how to prepare either a meal or dessert without any mindless "ego" in the way - or prima donna attitude, turning the entire network into a FREAKING CIRCUS of PERSONALITIES!!!!!! We cannot watch many of the shows because we cannot STAND, TOLERATE to watch the host, the worst of all being Emeril (the epitomy of low class, big mouthed personnas, followed closely by Ms. Rachel Ray, who is the most annoying, irritating, classless of all their hosts - and let's not forget, she really cannot cook - then there is the hideous big mouth from the South with that Southern slop which nauseates you just watching her put it all together, let alone eating that garbage. If that's not enough, they have this ditsy blonde on a show called "semi-home made" - well, you schmucks, if we wanted prepackaged, toxic garbage from the supermarket shelves we would not need to watch a food show which should be teaching how to properly cook, good, healthy meals. No wonder Europe looks at us as Crass, Gauche, and having no taste at all!!! Thank god I grew up in a European family with nothing BUT FRESH, HOMEMADE MEALS EVERY SINGLE DAY - my mother never allowed any canned garbage in her kitchen. Everything was fresh and from scratch and it was delicious, and more importantly, healthy.

Christ, can't we ever get some Good Taste in this country. The society has quickly turned into a sewer and the "greedy money grubbers" who run these shows could care less about quality content - they just want to serve the trash of society as evidenced by their shows.

If these people on Food Network are Chefs, then there is nothing more to say - it is all evident!

As for the Italian "pasta girl" (Giada) it would be so nice if she would be more considerate of the fact that she is on a cooking show and not some "erotic" program - she should consider less cleavage, PLEASE, and wear more suitable tops for the show she is a host of. There is no other host on this idiotic network who has their breasts hanging out all through the show except for her.

Oh god, let me stop - it's just sad to see the change!!!!!!!


Wow, that's a lot of anger. Don't be angry at the food network's new direction be sad at the lose of its old one. Let me say as far as Emeril goes he is definitely a great chef, and a good man, just go to New Orleans to find out both. Agreed, his show appeals to the simplicity of cooking fine food and thusly started Food TV's newer, simple for idiots approach to programming. If he doesn't entertain you, don't watch, but go to their site and pull up one of his recipes and you will see he definitely knows what he is doing.
That being said, I don't watch the new live show, but I still learn a lot from the essence show. Southern cooking, though it may not appeal to you, is genuine and important. I don't know the show you are referring to but I sit every day with people sickened by my reports of Morimoto dinners and I clearly consider this some amazing food.
I've never had Rachel's food (does she have a restaurant?) so I can't say how she cooks. I can say I see nothing to gain from watching her.
I neither hate nor love her, I just see her as indicative of the Food channel's new approach that we can entertain at a base level rather than enrich the lives of our viewers with insight. Which is exactly the opposite of how it used to be. But TV's job is to entertain, I simply used to love that Food TV seemed to believe people would come up in knowledge. They have obviously decided to give up that hope and now they pander. And I won't be pandered to.


Im glad im not the only one who is saddaned and yes A little sickened by the circus that was once the food network..As A chef im both insulted and appaled @ what they are shoving down the throats of the American public;it has become A cast of cartoon characters with Evoo yummo sammies woman leading the charge!Isnt her 15 minutes up yet???We are lead to beleive that these people have A clue.Know who has A clue?Julia Childs Jauqes peppin Keith Flloyd Escofier mario Battali emmer-just kidding.. Graham Kerr and many other t.v chefs to numerous to mention .I have permanantly banned tfn from my tv watching and until they stop remodeling peoples kitchens and find some real chefs it will stay that way.


This morning I actually Googled "what happened to the Food Network?" – and found this post. It's all about personal drama now, not cooking. The number of times I've flipped by there to find some duff getting upset over not competing well is mind bogglin'. Alton Brown is the only saving talent on that network.

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