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December 01, 2005



Interesting rant. :) While I don't think the process of making foie gras is lovely, neither is the process of making other animal products. Despite having read about the horrors of meat production and watched "Modern Meat" a few times, I still eat meat, like a gazillion other people. Surely, the cattle industry could use some reforming, although I doubt it would happen.

Banning foie gras seems kind of stupid. How many it? Would that make a foie gras black market? :P

...random thoughts.

...also, I've never had a fine dining experience (that I could remember well, at least). Maybe I'm not old enough (today while walking around Gramercy and wanting to cry from lack of open bakeries, my friend said that many restaurants in that area were for rich adults, haha...crap), but I'd really like to have one within the next few months. One possible problem I might have for the rest of my life though is the inability to drink alcohol. ....ehhh.

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