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January 20, 2006



I don't know where you ate, but it could not be the same Scossa where I (and dozens of other locals) have been roundly disapointed. The food borders on mediocre, inconsistant, and ridiculous - who the hell serves tomatoes and mozzerella in the winter - ever hear of "in season"!! The service is abysmal when not amateurish and the prices absurd. I have lived in the NY and SF metro area, have traveled extensively, I know a good restaurant, Scossa, sadly, does not measure up. Do yourself a favor next time, check Zagats, there are at least two places in Easton (Restaurant Columbia, Inn at Easton) that actually deliver on the promise of delicious food and outstanding service.


Hi Augie, I don't usually do blog posts but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your review of Scossa. I have been back now four times, and each time was thrilled with the wine list and the service. Have friends in Easton and spent a little time in Italy. Everything you say about the carbonara and calamari and the carpacchio is true. Try the veal marsala next time, and the beet and asparagus antipasto. Also, I am often in Kansas City and find that the Lidia's there is superior to the one in NYC. Have you been to Lidia's in NYC? I will investigate further your blog. We have a few nice Northern Italian places in Bethesda, MD.

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