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February 22, 2006



I feel a little left out, I don't know what he looks like :(

I'm not in the Food & Wine industry but I enjoy eating at many of New York's top (and not so top) restaurants. I've spotted numerous other celebrities but wouldn't know how to begin to spot Mr. Bruni. Any tips, without totally blowing his cover? How did you come to know/recognize the man?


The problem is I long for him to be anonymous, so I won’t say. I will say that back in Grimes’ days 4 different Bills were pointed out to me. Frank’s acceptance of the fact that everyone knows him makes him effectively as useless as Judith Miller and Jayson Blair.


Huh? Everyone I know could spot Grimes, and even commented frequently on his weight loss.

Marc Shepherd

I suspect they deleted your comment because it made a specific reference to his appearance (the black V-neck sweater).

As far as I know, no Times critic besides Ruth Reichl employed disguises to avoid being recognized. As another commenter mentioned, William Grimes was indeed easily recognized most of the time in high-end restaurants. There's no doubt that Amanda Hesser was constantly recognized in her stint as interim critic, since her picture is available all over the place.

I haven't been a great fan of Bruni's food writing, but I think it's in poor taste to question his work ethic because he doesn't change his sweater often enough. No matter what outfit he wears, Bruni is going to be recognized in most establishments that have aspirations for a Times review.

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