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February 02, 2006



i'll be at the omakase table tomorrow (friday nite) looking forward to it from your photos.


happy to find another foodie thru eater. i can't wait to try this place. my bf made reservations for us in a couple weeks. good for you for checking it out FIRST! and for sharing these amazing pictures for all of us to drool over.
will be coming back for more:)


this is an amazing looking omakase. can you give a rough idea of cost - without liquor?


I cannot say for sure, you should probably call the restaurant. There is an Omakase offered in the dining room for $120 but I believe that has little to do with the meal at the omakase bar which is a separate and unique thing.


Yes, yes, but how did it TASTE?


the answer to your question Annie is in the report:

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