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February 09, 2006



I don't understand, are you just going to Morimoto 6 nights in a row and ordering the Omakase? If so, how awesome is your life?


Is this the $120 omakase on the menu is a separate event available only at the omakase bar?


I believe the omakase available in the restaurant is separate from the omakase at the omakase bar. I also believe it is differently priced. I know when I have been to Philly you have a choice of three different price levels for omakase, which is what I imagine the restaurants omakase is like. At NY Morimoto the omakase bar is unique, and separate from the rest of the place.


There are two types of dining at MorimotoNY. One is omakase which means "chef's choice" and the other is ala-carte. The omakase menu is a set price of $120. There are I think 8-9 tasting dishes on the omakase menu. There is also the omakase bar located on the right wing of the restaurant. The omakase bar is $200 a seat and the courses served here varies everyday. The head sushi chef Makoto or Morimoto himself usually serves at the omakase bar.


The omakase at the tables is like a chefs menu of things available in the restaurant. At the bar it is entirely unique and independent of the general menu. It is also served on a sliding scale based on price of ingredient used which I think starts around $200-250 but definitely goes up from there.

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