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February 14, 2006



I plan on going there with my wife for her birthday. Thanks for the pictures and commentary. They've been great.


I will be traveling from Venezuela to NYC and want to try Morimoto, it is my first time and have never has an Omakase before.Is it worth to do the Omakase Bar or jus set to the 120$ Omakase menu at the tables?..

***Yes Carlos i feal the experience of the omakase bar is worth the price. I say this having been more than a dozen times at this point. (still not one repeated dish)***


Ok ill do that! thanks for the advice, one more thing, is it ok to order just the 200$ menu at the omakase bar or I should aim higher??


is it ok to order just the 200$ menu at the omakase bar or I should aim higher (250,300??) ??

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