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February 17, 2006


How did you get a copy of the omakase menu??? I was at the lounge last night and then came upstairs to say hello to the Iron chef and on the way out I remembered to ask for a copy but the front desk people said they didn't make copies???? or that it wasn't ever available since "he" creates it on the spot???


The omakase menu is different every time as you can see from nights 1-7. At the beginning of each meal I simply request that they give me a list of what i have eaten at the end.

By the way, after each time you were at the omakase counter, was there any more suspicion that you might be some sort of a critic? Any more effort made on their behalf to impress? I'm very curious to know... I'll be going myself and a few friends for my birthday. I'm also hoping to trail in the kitchen part time but specifically learn his style of kaiseki... not sure if this is even a possibility.

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