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February 03, 2006


lou albano

this place looks really amazing . seems like the meal gets better everynight. i was wondering how morimoto felt about the guy on the cell phone while he was working on what seemed to be a perfected meal


"The "car shrimp" (a size reference) were put, live, in a crystal vase with a bottle of sake where they drank themselves to sleep."

I've just found my second choice for reincarnation. My first is still as a Kobe cow.


it looks delicious!! did you get a reservation there? i tried calling and they said their reservation system is down...not sure if they are only taking exclusive reservations.

Eddie Lin

Love it! You're a lucky guy.


at this point the guy was failiar enough to morimoto, and the call happened to be from japan so it seemed somehow ideal.

i made the reservations well before the system went down.

yes feeling quite lucky.

i will award stars in the report after nights 4,5,6 thanks for the comments.

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