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March 21, 2006


Steve Plotnicki

Those wines are anywhere from 12-20 years too young. The '78 Monfortino is just drinking, and the '82 Monfortino isn't close. Meanwhile the '82 Casicna Franca is perfect now but I'm not sure any of the other vintages are near being ready.


ndeed my friend indeed but you can't know where you are going with out knowing where you have been.
"All these wines have a long life ahead of them -- I am still not sure the '90 is ready yet, and the '99 was definitely grumpy for having been roused so early. The accepted truth is (and I think we all agree) that 20 years is young for these wines, and there really is no rushing genius. Because only if you have had a perfect Monfortino at the right time can you say “Gaja who?”

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