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March 27, 2006


Backyard Chef

Wonderful review and pics as always. I've been following your eating adventures for a while, so I decided to say howdy. Glad you enjoyed Lucy's Greenmarket Report-- it's a great resource.


Enjoyed the entire experience BUT there were some things that I could just not appreciate. As an example I enjoy modern art, but on occasion I look at something and say that is I do not get it. Just a matter of opinion. I must say that it was a real experience eating @ WD and the presence of an experienced augmeister was a real plus to enjoy the trip. He was like a guide through the museum of WD.


Been reading your blog for the last couple of weeks and enjoy your reports and the accompanying photos. Taking my gal here for her birthday soon for the tasting menu -- would you recommend leaving it to them to choose the wines and go with the pairings?


Dear Andy,
Yes, let them pair your wines, you want to be focused on what Wylie is doing. But get at least one cocktail as well. They rock cocktails.

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