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April 22, 2006



that sounds good ...


I read this yesterday, and convinved a friend to come out in the miserable drizzle last night to head over to Otto's. I forgot that you said you had a love hate relationship with the place, and after last night I can see both.
My ramps pizza was amazing, but the waiter refused to put an egg on top. "We never do that" he said. "Specials are designed to be the way the kitchen creates them."
I tried. I offered up that a "friend" (you don't mind that liberty, I hope) had jsut had the very thing this week.
"You must be thinking of the salad, where we have raw ramps and an egg on top." I argued for five minutes, very politely. I asked him to ask the kitchen, and he refused.

The pizza was delicious as was, although I think it would have been better with an egg on top. The pizza my frien ordered (anchovy/potato/ricotta) was inedible.


I am so going to get that. I had a chilled ramp soup at Bouchon bakery a few days ago, and I am so in the mood.


I'm big fan of your blog.

Tonight I went to Otto and had also tried to order the ramps pizza with a fried egg with no luck.

I didn't put up much of fight which the waiter thanked me for. It's become apparent that you're one time fried egg was has become infamous at Otto.

The waiter said to me: oh you've seen the blog photo too?

Oh well....I ended up sustituting the Vongole pizza which is simply brilliant. I topped that off with carbonara.

And for dessert, washed it down with the Olive Oil gelato.

I'm starting to embrace Mario...

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