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April 11, 2006



I'm not a huge fan of lobster, but I do looove that lobster roll. And...the butter bread. Uuhg. UHGGH CRAP I WANNIT.


I love lobster, and I love Pearl's Lobster Roll (as does Tony Soprano). I would also recommend trying the lobster roll at Mary's Fish Camp, if you haven't already. I find the fries served at Mary's to be a little better, and the lobster roll just as awesome.


Ken's. Scarborough, Maine. I've done years of research, and it's case closed for me. I went there for years for the fried clams, only discovered the lobster roll recently. It was like discovering that your favorite singer can also divine water.


How about a section where we request a rest. to be reviewed



Not only does Pearl have the best lobster roll in town, their fried oysters are better than anyone else's in NYC.

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