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May 30, 2006


lew lou

The Spotted Pig makes the best burger in New York.


Ok lew lou thank you for sharing that. Would you also like to share what led you to this conclusion? Or is that your way of letting me know you are on your way to Rumson? Your brevity although appreciated leaves me many questions.


You have made a homesick Jersey girl even homesicker with your droolworthy and most accurate account of the world's best hamburger. I wish I hadn't moved to San Francisco. There's no such thing as a hard roll out here, or cheddar sauce. And that photo you posted of the bacon cheddar burger ... I'm about to start licking my computer screen. Just watch out for the Long Island iced tea at Barnacle's because it will hammer you when you stand up. Thanks for a great and absolutely true review.


You hit it spot on! I love Barnacle's so much that like the other poster I am drooling looking at the picture of the burger. I am fortunate though to have eaten there since I can remember (I grew up down the road). Not only that... but I still get to go back wen I see my mother. Ahhh Cheddar burger Medium Rare with fried onions!!!! (PS what about the sides? Dont you love the skins? and you really ought to try the fish and the pasta with chicken and sundried tomatoes).

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