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July 17, 2006



Now augie, I know that it's sacrilege to edit the formula for the Chicago dog, but if I were to request one without mustard and relish, would I get verbally slaughtered? I mean, I wouldn't dare ask for ketchup (though, I do enjoy it). But I have a horrible aversion to mustard, and that relish just makes me sick. Otherwise, I think it could potentially be one of the best junk food items I could imagine eating.

molto e


Next time you hit Midway Airport skip Gold Coast Dogs and go to Superdawg. To find Superdawg: go straight past security instead of to the left like you were going to Gold you pass Potbelly's (which is a must if you have not had one)...take one moving sidewald and then you are there (really not far)on you left right before the Mcdonald's is Superdawg...MUCH better than that outpost of Gold Coast...That Gold Cost is kind of gross-sorry.

Molto E


Well Chef they will do pretty much as you ask. Typically, I hate this particular type of mustard, and all relish, but in the interest of authenticity I Agreed to having both years ago. The mustard is tricky because if the combo is bad the mustard is what you taste, but the relish i think you should give a shot. Its like the weird green cherries in a fruit cake i can't believe they are there at all but would miss them if they weren't.


If you love a Chicago dawg, then you should try a bratwurst ... at Hot Doug's (in ChiTown). The Paul Kelly is the world's best bratwurst. And each time you buy a Paul Kelly at Hot Doug's, you should know that a full 25 cents will go to a very worthy cause. thankyouverymuch, OldCleat

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