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July 10, 2006



My boyfriend and I had Sunday brunch at Knife and Fork last weekend, and it was very good to us as well: we had the Croque Madame and White Asparagus.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was out of Bloody Mary mix, so we were unable to try their version of the drink. Perhaps your party's brunch is the reason the pantry was bare. (The owner even sent out the busboy to two different grocery stores to look for the mix!)


Dropped by this past Sunday to try out their brunch - only to be informed that they were no longer serving brunch anymore due to staffing issues.. what a shame!


That makes this sting of losing those pictures greater. I have called and they say they will give it another go in the future. In the mean time thanks for the excuse to call, and yet another reason to get in for dinner, like there weren’t enough of those,


Good to hear that they plan on giving it another go.. i was really ticked off with myself that I live one street over and never made it to brunch.. fantastic blog btw..


I have had the pleasure of eating at many of the world’s finest restaurants and food at various culinary levels. Yet, I have never in my life experienced a more unpleasant and disappointing experience than I did at Knife + Fork. The evening started well enough with an Amuse Bouche that was quite flavorful and the restaurant itself had a pleasant décor. However—those were the only highlights of a disappointing and horrific meal. First, the waiter was rude and inattentive. With only three tables in the restaurant—he could not manage to check on us once for more wine or about the quality of the meal. More so, he refused to address the woman at the table—who was our host and who ordered the wine and meal. If the waiter was not awful enough, the meal was so inedible that the chef should have been ashamed to send it to the dining room. It was disappointingly evident that the chef had not tasted a single dish he had prepared. The foie gras was sub par and was more like fat off a ham hock. The squid stuffed with duck confit was so improperly cooked that the squid had the consistency of a tire and the duck was so dry and poorly prepared that it tasted like and had the consistency of canned tuna. The entrée was simply the breaking point—the lamb shank with lentils on a bed of cheese was served with uncooked lentils---it does not take a culinary genius to know that lentils should never be served at the consistency of a pill. When the problem was described to the waiter—he unhappily took the plate back and after 15 minutes bought out the same piece of meat with the lentils scraped off and no sauce. Reheating an already dry piece of lamb shank does not improve the meat—and with no sauce—it had the consistency sawdust. This was a horrible dining experience—and the owner of the restaurant should send his chef back to culinary school and the waiter to finishing school.

*** J, you may want to start a blog. But you should know the owner is the chef. Thanks for the note A***


I don't think the food is as bad as Judith puts it. The chef/owner has worked in restaurants all over the world and he knows his stuff. No need to be so dramatic. Sometimes he does come up with plates whoes ingredients do not always pair well, but the food is far from what Judith described it to be.

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