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September 18, 2006



So how much was the damage? How did he price the kobe beef?

Molto E


Glad to hear that your recent experience at Atelier was good. I have eat at Atelier once in Paris and twice in LV. I do not understand why people are judging Atelier against fine dining experiences. His concepts are broken down like this:

Robuchon’s restaurants fall into three categories:

Fine Dining
China- Robuchon A Galera
Tokyo - Chateau Restaurant Joel Robuchon
Las Vegas - Robuchon at the Mansion

Middle Tier
Monaco - Joel Robuchon Monte Carlo
Paris - La Table de Joel Robuchon

Atelier - Paris, Tokyo, Las Vegas and New York

Now in terms of the pricing, I do not think that that his people have anything to do with setting the prices. I would think that the hotels that own the restaurants set the prices.


Well Molto I think the short answer is the money and the legend combine to make fine expectations. The same thing happens to people when they get to JGV’s other places expecting fine and get fusion. But as a rule if you are charging ninety-eight bucks for an egg with some potatoes and some caviar you are raising the level of your comparison to that of the finer restaurants in the world and therefore must deliver at that level.

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