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September 29, 2006



I really do wish we could, as a group, smack the FDA. Thanks for those links and glad you like the CJR article!


great chefs can still be found on the discovery channel, albeit at very random times. i grew up watching that show with my mom and i love when i randomly catch it on the air.


I've had a wishlist for "Foie" on my tivo for a few years now, and it's very rare for anything to get recorded on it. That said, there was one episode of "Essence of Emeril" about foie gras that I picked up last week, so there isn't an outright ban. I think a lot of it is just that foie gras (and truffles, squab, etc. - all things I have wishlists for) don't fit into the style of cooking that Rachel Ray, Alton Brown, Paula Deen and other foodtv stalwarts showcase. I really wish they could get people like Jean Georges Vongerichten or Thomas Keller to start hosting their shows.


Hey Rory,
If the “Essence” show you refer to is the one in which Emeril suggests foie as a substitute for bacon with French toast then it is the one I remember as the last time I saw foie on the Food Network outside the real Iron Chef show, which is what I am really talking about. How was the decision made to take a show about luxury foods in the hands of expert chefs turned into this new American version? Seriously, imagine what would happen if TV personality Kat Cora took on any one of her co-iron chefs, let alone any of the real show’s original chefs. The channel has simply changed its focus from food to marketing, marketing people seem to be buying, which is fine. But they have lost me as a pretty dedicated viewer, though to be fair and honest they had done that with a few small exceptions (Molto, Essence, Good Eats, and Iron Chef) a couple years ago anyway and they don’t seem any worse for it.

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