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October 16, 2006



Have you ever tried the bison steaks/sausages from Elk Trails?
After years of walking past their stand on Saturdays at the southern/eastern side of the market I finally took a chance and I am now positively addicted to the meat!

The meat is a wee bit gamier than traditional steaks, far leaner and utterly delicious.
Their kielbasa, while not traditional, is a nice change from the fattier East Village options as well.

Marine Engineer

I'm the Flying Pigs guy at Saturdays Union Square Market. Please identify yourself to me; I love to meet bloggers who love Flying Pigs.


Dear Ann,

I have tried and I do like Elk Trails, actually the beef Sirloin I had for dinner last night was theirs. Their product is great and their prices are low enough to seem fair. I am embarrassed to say they had moved back around the corner and it took me a couple of weeks to re-find them tucked over on the East side, which is what caused me to try Hawthorne Valley in the first place. Both are great, and I like them very much. I tend toward Elk Trails because of pricing in general though.

Next time you are there grab a bag of the Bison marrow bones and do a web search for Fergus' recipe for cow marrow bones and make them, you will love it.


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