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October 11, 2006



Why the repost? (I understand that the Times reviewed InTent today, but why do you have to repost your review? And same goes with Joel Robuchon's place.)


I have been reposting these reviews for a section I call "Today in the Times." The genesis of this was the idea that the images in my reports might be of interest to people when the proper review came out. However the fun of it has been seeing where we agree, disagree, and differ in perception. I hope people who come to Augieland read enough of my reports and visit enough of the restaurants to know how their personal tastes compare to mine. Since it is far more likely people have gone through this process with a reviewer at the Times, it seemed making posts about places we have both written about readily available for comparison sake would aid people new to Augieland to figure out the nuance of my tastes and preferences, since obviously the accepted standard is The Times.

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