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December 10, 2006


Miss Tenacity

Lovely review, thank you. Just one more reason to get my butt back to NYC...

youre fooding is nuts! awesome.


You'd think, for such an expensive meal, they could spell "vinaigrette," "liqueur," "A. Margaine, "Traditionelle, "Peloponnese," "caramelized" (or even "caramelised," in British English), "Achleiten," and any other words that didn't jump out at me immediately.

*** D, this was something I requested at the end of the meal, and asked to be rushed rather than waiting for an Email. Considering the circumstances I was rather impressed at the efficiency and presentation, but I never considered an ability to spell under duress requisite to the creation of fine food. Thanks for the note, A. ***


I had thought this was the premeditated handwritten menu presented to all diners, but now that I know someone wrote this out in a hurry, all is forgiven. What seemed sloppy now seems quite alright. Cheers!

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