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December 05, 2006



pretty much mirrors my experience. esp. the disappointment with the cauliflower. the menu DOES say "cauliflower BAKED WITH GRUYERE" - it doesn't say "topped with unmelted microplaned gruyere"

the kurobuta tonnato actually needs some tonnato there - not enough tuna and not enough of the mayo even. visually attractive and the pork is decent but it could be a much better dish.


My husband and I live a whole block from Klee, and actually liked the heinously-decorated but surprisingly good Italian restaurant that was previously in that space. We went to Klee on Saturday and liked our meal, but I suspect it will be more of a Tuesday/Wednesday place, as you mention. I wholly agree with you on those almonds. I had their mason jar vegetables, which were very good but fairly ridiculous for $22 and a tiny portion. Their porcini bisque, however, made up for a lot. I will make it my goal to get them to cough up that recipe.


I also had a similiar experience on Saturday evening last week. We live in the neighboorhood and really want the place to be good. However, the food looked much better than it tasted. Everything had a muted flavor profile and needed to be seasoned with salt and/or pepper. The servers were attentive but not very well versed in the food itself. Lets hope they work out the kinks, but until they do there is little reason to run back.

melinda feist

I cannot say that I agree one bit with your review. I have been to Klee with my partner 4 times. Yes we do live within 5 blocks but yes I would travel there from afar because it is superior by all accounts.

I have had the swordfish, the Alsatian thin crust pizza (now written about everywhere it seems), the pine-nut crusted halibut, the rosemary baked chicken, the Roman-style baby lamb and the goatfish linguini. each dish was superb, cooked to perfection, flaorful and creative. Everything about Klee exudes generosity, from the portions to the proportions to the service and warmth from the moment of greeting to dearture. what is special about it? It's owned by a talented chef and his wife. They work hard, they are there all the time and they are warm and attentive. this attitude infects the entire atmosphere at Klee. as you said, it's a new restaurant and you, apparently, went in the opening week. Before you critique the cookie plate (that was apparently for free) how about trying one of the desserts that is actually on the menu! I would recommend the Mason jar bread pudding.

Often i agree with your reviews. This time you are way off.

*** M, you may want to read the post again. Besides complementing the service, I enjoyed the oatmeal cookie and suggested trying it. In general I liked the place, sadly with the kind of ability established and new in this town talent and hard work are not special. It may become something special some day, as I stated I see potential, but the meal I had was largely neither here nor there. Thanks for the note, A***


I totally agree with Melinda. I have been to Klee twice (even though I live uptown) and have absolutely loved it both times. The flavors were delicious--especially the BBQ swordfish, the Wiener schnitzel and the Alsatian pizza. Warm atmosphere, nice service--an all around great night. Maybe some of the posters here should spend less time nitpicking over menu word choice and enjoy all that Klee has to offer.

*** J, good to know. Thanks for the note, A***

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