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December 12, 2006



hi augie,
how do you afford eating so well? Anyway no matter how you answer that question, i am in appreciation of your heads up on so many restaurants and their current state in the foodiverse. You do a commendable job and i also like your honesty in pushing desserts without salt to one side. 'Varietal' certainly looks worth checking out although i don't find myself all that often Stateside or with the cash to drop either. Also on a cryptic note, can you explain the titles and what you are getting at with the stars counting? Is that the tally of zagat+michelin you have eaten as if in some virtual grande bouffe or is it something else?

keep eating and drinking, as i will certainly be reading,

*** J, You afford it by driving an old car, listening to and old stereo, watching an old TV, living in a small apartment, and having a good group of friends that also enjoys food so much they pick up their share of the bills.
Of course the titles and stars mean something. Thanks for the note, A***


Well, I tried it last night, being a fan of Alinea and generally finding Augiesland's view of food/restaurants to be the most informed (and close to mine) of any foodblogger I know of. Sad to say, maybe be Augie was so enthusiastic, I was disappointed. The service i experienced was lackadaisical, the wine list (i know it's unfinished, but it is called "varietal") extremely sparse, and the food the typical-nowadays grab-bag -- the octpus was well cooked but oversalted, the lobster nicely spiced/seasoned but overall not a successful entree (should have been an appetizer, and I DONT like large portions). All in all, I hope and wish them success, but they have a bit of a hike before they reach anything like the potential indicated by Aguie's review, IMHO.

***J like i said, ...let me point out that they are new and they are rough and there are things to work out. That being said, assuming a fair percentage of the bumps smooth out with time..." thanks for the note, A***

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